Gary Shortland, Figure Skating Coach
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Gary has been teaching in Reston, Virginia, U.S.A. since 2001. Many of his students of all ages, including those over 50, have participated in competitions, and many have won medals. Gary often skates with his students at annual competition events such as Pro-Am Competitions.

In addition to ice dance, Gary teaches moves in the field (MIF), which covers many different edge exercises and steps sequences. He teaches both group classes and private lessons; either way, Gary imparts the same techniques to each of his students according to the same teaching standards.

Gary loves teaching and passes his love of skating on to his pupils. He delights in watching them smile as they practice what they have learned. As a former competitor and champion, he understands the perseverance and discipline necessary to become a skillful skater. However, he doesn't focus only on competitive skaters but also on pupils who skate for fun and individual achievement. He starts simply with the basics, then helps his students learn each dance or MIF so that they can test and compete, if they so desire. To see photos of Gary with his students, visit the gallery page.

Gary assisting a student with toe pick technique
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